Schools that we have donated “G-R-E-E-N-E” to:

Tucson, AZ:

Altar Valley Middle School

Pueblo High School

Schools that we have donated “Does Diabetes Mean You Die?” to:
Moorpark, CA:
Mountain Meadows 21st Century Learning Academy
Santa Paula, CA:
Barbara Webster Elementary
Blanchard Elementary
Grace Thille Elementary

Notes From Local Students

Mrs Epsteins Class From Denyse From Eduardo & Ximena From Angel

Schools that we have donated Noise Cancelling Headsets to:
Tucson, AZ::
Cragin Elementary School

Ms. Ryan Headphones for Little Ears

Ms. Ryan Thank You 004 Ms. Ryan Thank You 005 

Ms Padilla Thank You_002 Ms. Ryan Thank You 002 Ms. Ryan Thank You 003




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