About TLC

Our Board of Directors
Elaine Clark-Aldrete – Founder/President
Terry Alaniz – Secretary
Shannon Sosebee – Member
Dani Bahnsen – Member
Christina Rodriguez – Member

Elaine Clark Aldrete
Elaine Clark Aldrete is a dedicated mother, wife, businesswoman, instructor and community volunteer. After leaving a corporate job in the Accounting Industry she volunteered within her Ventura County community. Elaine has worked in many capacities with children over the years. She served for two years on the Board of Directors of the Diabetes Explorer Educational Foundation, Inc.  Elaine served from 2009-2013 on the Board of Directors of Grants To You. She also served as the Ventura County Director and Instructor for Grants To You. Elaine became concerned with the rate of obesity as well as diabetes in young children and wanted to do something about it.  She decided that the best place to start was with young children. She felt in order to reach children that it had to be informative and fun, thus the book Does Diabetes Mean You Die?”  was written and published. Elaine was born in Claremont, New Hampshire, lived for many years in Santa Paula, CA and currently lives in Tucson, Arizona.

Terry Alaniz
Terry Alaniz is a multi-talented wife, mother, businesswoman and community volunteer. After leaving a corporate job in the Telecom Industry Terry now spends her free time volunteering within the Ventura community. She participates in a wide variety of programs that provide support for needy members of our local community. Her commitment to community service includes serving on the Executive Board of the San Buenaventura Women’s Club where she has become a respected club leader and serves on many of the committees. Terry currently lives in Ventura, California.

Shannon Sosebee
Shannon Sosebee is the owner of The Reiki Center. She is a former Director/Consultant at Business Network International. She attended the Professional Massage Training Center, in Springfield, Missouri, volunteered for many years at St. John’s Regional Cancer Center in Oxnard, California. She is the mother of one grown son. Shannon was born in Springfield, Missouri, lived in Hawaii and currently lives in Ventura, California.

Dani Bahnsen
Dani Bahnsen is an Ayurveda Health Educator and Wellness Coach. She has several years of experience in corporate wellness, and also training and coaching clients of all levels. In her younger years, as a multi-sport athlete, she competed in triathlons and other racing events which led her to coaching runners how to run pain free while supporting them in achieving big goals. One of her specialties is facilitating transformational retreats and events. Dani helps people experience health, wellness, and good nutrition in their daily lives so they may thrive in all aspects. She is Native American of the Assiniboine tribe, veteran of the US Marine Corps and Air Force Reserve, married mother of two grown children, and lives in Ventura County.

Christina Rodriguez
Christina Rodriguez is a dedicated mother of a two year old son. She is a University of Arizona graduate. She has been a Field Organizer for the Pima County Democratic Party. She is passionate about community efforts and out reach. Christina was born in Tucson, Arizona, raised in Ventura, California and currently lives in Tucson.

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We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, our IRS # is 46-0992870.

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